Attack on Titan: The Harsh Mistress of the City part 2

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Shiganshina has been breached, and humanity has retracted to the Wall Rose-for the most part. Quinta District, situated at the western end of Wall Maria, is holding out despite being hemmed in by the Titans on both the exterior and the formerly interior sides.

In this concluding half of the hot-off-the-press side story, Rita Iglehaut, acting commander of the local forces, struggles to turn her isolated hometown into something of a city of it's own. Her draconian methods, however, shock the residents, not the least Mathias Kramer, her childhood friend.

Author Ryo Kawakami is an award winning novelist as well as a game designer of repute and a member of the Group SNE Collective. Illustrator Range Murata is alos a conceptual designer for animated works and video games and a figure artist.