MAN AND HIS CAT GN VOL 06 (C: 0-1-1)

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(W/A) Umi Sakurai
Mr. Kanda knows loneliness all too well. But thanks to a little help from his friends, furry and otherwise, he's come back out of his shell and into the world, where he touches the lives of those around him too. So when Mr. Kanda beholds his fellow music teacher and Fukumaru fanboy Mr. Moriyama standing frozen onstage after having been deserted by his bandmates mid-gig, Mr. Kanda must overcome his own trauma-induced stage fright to help his friend. Will the courage and determination Mr. Kanda has regained with Fukumaru's help be enough to put on the ultimate performance and rescue Mr. Moriyama from a potentially disastrous turn of events?