Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Vol. 8: Yancy Street Legends

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The War of the Realms comes to the Lower East Side! Lunella and Devil meet the original kid hero, Spider-Man! And if that isn’t amazing enough, wait until the War of the Realms breaks out! With Manhattan frozen solid and Frost Giants prowling the streets, Devil must keep the peace — while Moon Girl encounters Thor! Then, it’s a real family crisis! With time and space fractured, Lunella and Devil will have to team up with younger versions of her parents and grandparents — all without erasing Lunella from history! Maybe Doctor Strange can help! Plus: Exactly what trouble does Devil Dinosaur get into while Moon Girl is stuck in class? And — at last — the biggest battle of brains in the Marvel Universe! It’s Reed Richards vs. Lunella Lafayette — and it’ll be Fantastic!
Collects Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #42-47.