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Earth. 2000 years in the future. 80 percent of the worlds resources have been diminished.  Animal life ceases to exist. Radiation and extreme forces of nature make the surface inhabitable for extended periods of time. War has taken it's toll. To make matters worse the world has become overrun with bio-mechanical monsters called Mechai. The Human race struggles to survive as their numbers dwindle day by day.

At one point in History there was a lone warrior who stood against the Mechai and kept them at bay, giving humanity a fighting chance. After the mysterious disappearance of this lone warrior the world was left without a protector. 

In an attempt to recreate their missing hero a rogue science division genetically experiments on four military operatives giving them extraordinary abilities. These four warriors would become known as the Okemus Hunters. Their mission is to annihilate the Mechai by traveling through time and stopping them before they even began and finding the source of the genetic anomaly.

Rewind to the year 2015. After the four Hunters arrive in the past and begin their mission they stumble upon what they seem to be looking for. A young man genetics student at Purdue University named Cale. Drama, action, twists and turns ensue. How can one normal young man be at the center of all this fantastical story?!