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Mature Readers

As celebrated and reviled as he is, it would be easy for the infamous journalist Spider Jerusalem to sit back and coast on his overinflated reputation for a while- except for the fact that a president has just been elected who has sworn to utterly destroy his nemesis from the gutter press, and then tear up the gutters and salt the earth below them for good measure.

So while the media gives him a turn in it's never-ending cycle of self-stimulating celebrity adulation, Jerusalem and his filthy assistants continue to rake the muck of the City in search of the glittering grains of truth that lie hidden just below its hyper-kinetic surface.

But that search is about to get a lot harder, if not outrageously deadly, following the strange response by the police to a murder abetted by a new piece of street tech- and Spider is about to learn how far rthe new administration is willing to go to silence him.

Collecting issues #25-36